Brookridge's Dalton  J. Valasetta of Furey, SDIT
Extended Family
Dalton is an Annie son
(Fureys Annabella Ballissimo)
and now lives with Stacy Sundance Martin  in New Jersey. Below is what Stacy had to say about Dalton.

Brookridge Dalton J. Valasetta of Furey CGC SD. Dalton is the ever-entertaining boy. He's always up for a romp wheather it's a game of tag or, Frisbee, but once his working harness goes on he is all business. Dalton has been trained as a mobility service dog.
This means he helps me walk by keeping my balance, picks up things that I drop, answers my phone and brings it to me, and several other service behaviors. This all was accomplished before he was 18 months old. This past winter was especially hard on the north east coast. I took a tumble on an ice pack driveway, Dalton having not be trained for Weight bearing work yet, insinctly stood in front of me and braced himself to help me back up. I was able with his help to get back up the first try. If he had not been there I would have sat on the ice for untold hours until someone noticed me there. Dalton will be 2 years old in July and will begin formal weight bearing work. This is not taught to service dogs until they are two so all their growth plates and sealed. Dalton had big paw prints to fill, trying to replace my first service dog Jasper, but he has not disappointed me.

Fureys Homerun Sammy Sosa (Sammy)
Fureys Annabella Bellissimo X Oakridge Ain't Missbeahaven

It is funny how life can deal us different hands.
Getting another Aussie was the last thing on my mind last fall when I went to visit Helen of Furey in Virginia. I actually went as her web site designer to take some pictures of her new puppies for the web site.
Sammy was the largest puppy of the litter and yet he was a little quiet and reserved. I walked over and picked him up and instantly he began to bond with me. He cuddled up next to my neck and put his paws around my arms. I knew right then that he wanted to be my puppy. A few weeks later Helen brought him down to visit and needless to say he never went back to Virginia!
He is my big kissy boy and is learning his basic obedience commands along with getting lots of exposure to new things so he can overcome some of his slight reservations. Sammy is now 8 months old and having a blast growing up on our family farm. He loves to chase the cats and bark at the cows. Watch in the future for more of Sammy and all his new accomplishments. He is our latest addition to our Aussie family at Heavensown Aussies.

Sammy is pictured here at his first ASCA show where with my adopted daughter when he took best opposite puppy.

Thanks to Cary C. Manaton photography for this great picture.
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